Noise - Threat to Koalas

4. Paramotoring (parachute + propeller + motor) launching and landing (very loud) on sports field and flying over and in close proximity to primary koala habitat and osprey nest. (See )

5. Sporting attendees with very loud motor vehicles and motor bikes driving through the middle of a koala breeding area.

6. Noisy petrol-powered aeroplanes flying over and close to koala habitat and osprey nest. (See )

7. Regular sports field maintenance, mowing, slashing and whipper snipping adjacent to primary koala habitat where koalas have been sighted, including in branches overhanging the sports field. (See )

For more on human-induced stresses (shooting, spud canons, fire lighting, teen parties) click here.

All these stress-inducing noises need to be stopped and since council has no will to enforce their own laws, the only solution is to revegetate the sports field and enclave the area so humans cannot enter. Otherwise there is no hope for our coastal koalas.

What are you going to do about it? It’s up to us because no authorities are taking responsibility for the ongoing assaults on our koalas who are on the brink of extinction. Sitting back and waiting for someone else to fix the problem is not working. Write to all the councillors and let them know your concerns.

Cr Barry Longland

Cr Warren Polglase

Cr Phil Youngblutt

Cr Carolyn Byrne

Cr Gary Bagnall

Cr Katie Milne 

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1. Aeroplanes (including petrol-powered model aeroplanes, para-motoring and helicopters). Click here for full details.

2. Mini Bikes on the access road

(See )

3. Hooning on verges of access road

(See )

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