Petition to Cr Longland

In response to an online petition posted on The Petition Site from 2nd January, 2016 we received  hundreds of comments from the international community over 73 countries e.g. U.S. (31 states), U.K., Ireland, Canada, Arab Emirates, Trinidad, Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Trincity Trinidad + Tobago, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Guatemala, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia Romania, Italy, Austria, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czechslovakia, Gabon, South Africa, Malta, Zimbabwe, Zambia and every state in Australia. People all over the world are outraged that Cr Longland is failing in his promise to take care of the environment (koalas) and is jeopardising Black Rocks koalas by voting to remove the koala protection gate and approval of a Men’s Shed in their habitat. Here is a snapshot of some of their comments :-

Margaret B., QLD

When are we going to learn that tourists come not to point and smile at the human population, but rather our amazing wildlife. Preferably viewed in the wild!

Sue C,, WA

I know that Men's Sheds are very important but the protection of our Koalas is more important. A Men's Shed can be started up anywhere, even in someone's garage. My son has one in mine. The lives of the Koalas at Black Rock need the peace and quiet of their natural environment.

Heather M., NSW

My husband and I have just moved to Pottsville and it is so sad we can't feel that the council supports looking after the koalas, and not bowing to pressure about the men's shed, which shouldn't be located right up the back in Black Rocks anyway. Tweed Shire is our choice, it is beautiful, please let's keep it that way and protect the wonderful environment with its fauna.

Dane C., NSW

I have had the pleasure of seeing the Koalas at Black Rocks Oval. It was an experience that I had not felt any where else. As an increasingly suburbanised society we must preserve places as unique. The risks of losing the koala colony far out way the benefits of using this site for whatever recreation. There are more suitable places for development. I would like to see the council use some sensitivity to this ecosystem instead of pro-developer mindset. Once it has gone. it has gone for forever. And for what? so some people can satisfy their individualistic needs. Will the death of the koala colony be the legacy that this council leaves behind?

David P., NSW

Our neglect of our koalas in the Tweed over the past decades has been nothing less than shameful. We must now protect the tiny remnant populations with stringent vigorous enforced protections. I support this petition absolutely.

Damien W., NSW

I have helped plant koala food trees in the last year in the Black Rocks area, and it is definitely helping the koalas. Please provide as much protection as possible for these endangered animals, especially by locating the men's shed away from the Black Rocks sports field.

Fiona P., Sydney, Australia

Surely The Grid could be located somewhere else. Possibly even a more safer place for all, human and non human. And as far as the Men's Shed, I'm not saying we have enough of them, we could possibly do with more but one on a sports field? Come on? Really? To put one on a sports field just further says, when it comes to sports, females are not allowed, are not wanted. To put the Men's Shed on the sports ground at Black Rocks could be positively viewed as supremely sexist and I don't think that sports ground and the clubs involved with the ground would want a reputation of being sexist. Plus I don't think anyone involved with the ground would want to be viewed as unsympathetic to environmental concerns as well. We have already lost enough Koalas let us not lose anymore.

Helena B., NSW

Ask the Councillor if he'd like us to open his gate and move in!

Clinton R., Randwick, Australia

We humans do not aggregate the total loss of habitats for species like koalas each year. We think "oh it's ok to lose this small 5 ha plot here and a 25ha plot there. They are just small areas" when in fact the fragmentation and total combined loss of habitat for wildlife is enormous every passing year. Please conserve and connect what we have left.

Charleen M., Waratah, Australia

because they are So adorable!! Precious!! Beautiful!! cute beings that need it!!!

Marilyn S., QLD

These koalas are endangered and need protection. The "men" who want this men shed built are NOT endangered, they can easily find another site for their men shed & they're not dying from chlamidia. Reason it out guys, these little animals are a national treasure, a mascot & part of what Australia is all about. They were here long before your benches, tools & equipment.

Joylene S., TAS

To Barry Longland, it's time that the human population started to feel a pride in having these beautiful creatures living where you can go and quietly watch them in the wild, undisturbed. Be proud to say you have them there, don't put extra pressure on these animals when all that does is cause them more distress and make it more likely for them to become ill. Please leave that gate there and do not build!! you have the power to do this it seems!!

Ashley C., QLD

The wildlife that existed before us is more important than a shed

Ray D., QLD

These Koalas, like so many other species threatened in the name of “progress”, can only survive only at the whim of homo-sapiens. Right now the Black Rocks Koalas need our help and we can save them. They are only a small part in the bigger picture but important none the less. Our natural world is in the throes of the sixth and most destructive extinction event in the planet’s 4.5b year history. Species are disappearing at a rate 100 times higher than the natural order. With loss of bio-diversity comes loss of the resources we need to survive, like ancient seed stocks and natural medicines. Nothing we have in the modern world could be possible without these natural support systems yet we take it for granted that no matter what we do they will always recover. Sustainability, is not just the latest environmentalist / conservationist propaganda jargon, it is the key to the survival of all living things on Earth. Since the arrival of modern man practically all the worlds mega-fauna is gone, fish stocks are depleted by 90% and we are still debating protecting only a fraction of what remains. Deforestation is still a problem, particularly in Australia. The Amazon is almost certainly irreversibly damaged but mainstream [first world] humanity chose to ignore the fact. In our hubris are sown the seeds of our downfall. We all need to acknowledge that a healthy economy can only exist with a healthy environment and minimise our impact on the natural world in any way we can. No one species has the right to consign another to extinction. This message is often reverberated in modern popular culture. When we destroy our ecosystems, we threaten our future. Do not be indifferent, save the future one act of selflessness at a time. And if you are fortunate to have influence use it to benefit those unable to help themselves. Thanks.

Angela S., QLD

Our wildlife needs to be protected, not just displayed on teatowels

Diane W., QLD

Dear Clr Longland, Please consider that the loss of just one koala is a tragedy when there are other options that would result in no loss of koalas. Koalas need adequate habitat just like we do - our DNA is not all that different to theirs and they are emotional and intelligent creatures just like we are. Please do not remove the koala protection gate - a grid will lead to far more intrusions into koala habitat by people who just do not care about koalas and how they are disturbing them. Please also put the men's shed in a different location and instead revegetate the area to provide more space and therefore less stress to the koalas that you are so lucky to have in your local area. If we could lead full and happy lives without harming animals why wouldn't we? Best regards

Pamela H., VIC

I think Councillor Longman has not acted in the best interests of the koalas which he promised to protect. The Black Rocks koalas are already very stressed, becoming sick and some have even died. Now he wants to create even more stress by construction of more buildings which will bring more human activity into their environment causing even more stress. There are only 15 koala's left and he needs to do all he can to protect them

Brian and Gael N., Mungalli, Australia

Most of our councils use the Flora and Fauna in our environment to promote tourism and to turn a profit, however when it comes to protecting our natural assets they are missing in action.

Cynthia H., Bungonia, Australia

Our amazing koalas are in trouble - and may disappear for ever if we are not careful. Please keep the koala protection gate, and locate the Men's Shed (a very worthwhile project) somewhere else. Koalas do not handle stress well, and in a small population like this, freedom from stress is critical.

Maureen C., Crib Point., Australia

We're killing off our native wildlife, particularly Koalas as fast as we can just like Indonesia and it's considered to be third world so we've obviously joined that list. I am sure if you look around Councillor you find another suitable piece of land for the Men's Shed, and are they aware that their shed will most likely kill off the remaining koalas? As you have the power to help these koalas to stay healthy by simply putting in a rescission notice on the removal of the koala protection gate... that should always be locked... and re-vegetating the koala habitat area so they can keep themselves healthy and not get these human induced diseases. Show your true colours now and save this small colony of koalas now please.


It's a joke that Tweed Council were recently awarded a local government Excellence in the Environment for their Tweed Coast Koala plan of Management

Irina C., Croydon, Australia

The small populations of wildlife in small communities are most in danger of being wiped out and, yet, they are the easiest to save because the decision to do so is made locally. Please do the right thing.

Lee G., Redland Bay, Australia

Some consideration please there would be several options for the shed to be built elsewhere. The koalas do not have the luxury THIS IS THEIR HOME. Respect that and look elsewhere.

Niall McL., Pullenvale, Australia

Increasing human activities in the immediate area of koala colonies will result in long-term damage to the animals. There are plenty of places for humans in this world but very few for koalas. We are their custodians, they are utterly dependent on us for survival in an increasingly difficult environment.

Maree T., Brisbane, Australia

More broken promises from Politicians - regardless of how small the population is these Koala's need our help - it is time for you Councillor Barry Longland and your party to step up and help save these Koalas as promised. I would ve thought that saving the Koala was a no brainer - Australia Koala's Kangaroo's - national emblem. So how Australian are you Barry Longland if you don't help save these Koala's - In my mind not at all.

Dorothy W., Cootamundra, Australia

Koalas are a much better asset than any old shed

Erica S., Birkdale, Australia

High time we start looking after a vanishing species that lures visitors from all over the world to see them, Koalas are worth more alive to the ever important economy then extinct

Jack C., Clunes, Australia

If we don't act the colony will be destroyed. Eventually there will be no koalas left and the whole species will be extinct. And for what?

Mary G., TWEED HEADS SOUTH, Australia

Over development in the Tweed area has resulted in the "disappearance" of many species - bird and animal. Koalas in Australia may be only a "memory" in years to come. Tweed Shire Council and other Gov bodies – mostly Federal level need to appreciate the uniqueness of Wildlife in Australia before it's too late to do anything about the situation. What few Koalas are left in the Tweed need nurturing, protection, recognition and a much greater concern for future potential dangers associated with developers, land owners, and the stigma of over development which seems to prevail here. I am most concerned about the Wildlife in the Tweed district. Such a beautiful locality and so easily trashed by developing companies. There does not seem to be any concern or control associated with "why" the Tweed is so special and should be kept as such.

Paul S., Albury, Australia

Surely there is a vacant factory that could be used for a Men's Shed? Why impact on a threatened species? You are very lucky to have koalas

Valerie L., Terranora, Australia

We need native wildlife especially a creature as iconic as the koala. Developments must be made to think of ways to protect these animals. Its not all about the money. However, if you look after this wonderful asset it will bring tourist dollars to the region. I'm not sure if you understand the economy at the moment, but the two biggest growth areas are tourism (eco tourism even better) and education. Please think about the effect this is having

Name not displayed, NSW

I fully support the details enumerated in this petition. I am appalled at how dismissive the authorities are about the Black Rock koalas and urgently demand that the animals be made the priority by keeping the protection gate, finding another place for the Men's Shed, and focusing on regenerating the site to be koala friendly.

diana p., SA

Come on Cn Longland - surely you have the space in your heart and the wisdom to organize a situation whereby these koalas thrive and the men find another place for their shed?? It really is not difficult to be kind and protective to koalas - plant some trees, keep people at a distance - and it makes all the difference when all residents are healthy and happy. Good role modeling.

Name not displayed, VIC

There is an enormous amount of evidence to support this petition. Government-engineered population growth through mass immigration is lobbied for successfully by the property developers. This causes human expansion into wildlife habitat. Australian political parties are dominated by property developers and financiers and governments neglect wildlife protection. Many Australian animals are on the road to extinction but the mass media is invested in development and human population growth, so treats this as inevitable and not very important. Australian governments are basically corrupt and unrepresentative.

Lorraine C, NSW

If we don't act NOW to protect this precious Australian icon, it will be too late. We are seeing deliberate vandalism of koala habitat to ''make bike tracks'', dogs running loose to attack wildlife, deliberately lit fires to burn out sanctuaries (probably so developers can move in!) and grossly irresponsible development approvals with very questionable purpose. It MUST stop NOW. Our native bush land and our precious iconic fauna contribute both to a quality lifestyle and to tourism revenue. What will be left when it's gone?

Suzanne F., QLD

To quote, "there are only 2000 to 8000 Koalas left in the wild! Although not officially classified as endangered, the population of Australian koalas has dropped by 90% in less than a decade. This is due to the destruction of the koala's natural habitat, a narrow crescent on the eastern coast of Australia." Koala's only have 1 cub per year. Australia is the only continent in the world where a Koala can live.  Additionally, University of Queensland papers indicate that Australia's Koala population is grim. Other vital statistics quoted by UQ state, There has been a 51 per cent decline in less than three years and a 64 per cent decline in the 10 years since monitoring began of the Koala Coast koala population. • Koala populations are likely to contract eastwards and southwards to coastal regions under a projected hotter and drier climate under future climate change, with populations in arid and semiarid areas of Queensland already showing signs of contractions towards the coast. If the habitat of those coastal regions along the Eastern Australian seaboard are decimated in the present day, where will the Koala relocate to? It is important to prioritize the conservation of the Koala now as the cost of recovery when it is to late will be too great!

Gay J., TX

I may not live in your jurisdiction, but you made promises to your people and to these Koalas. Why not be the rare politician who actually keeps his word?

Will N., MN

These beautiful, friendly and harmless animals are a national treasure

Rob M, VIC

Protection of the koala will give you more positive attention than mundane mens shed stuff. Give them a go and be a leader for the future!

Judith H., SA

As visitors to the hastings point over the last 12 years usually twice per annum I am very concerned of the level of degradation of bushland dur to large highrise boilding. The impact on the wildlife is significant. I havent see a koala for a long while. We spend a considerable amount in the tweed area accommodation, fuel, medications repairs, movies, dining as well as everyday expenses of food etc. Please cease now.

Jo-Anne P., NSW

How would you like it if someone moved in and trashed your house???? Don't do that to these koalas.

Jan E., QLD

There are other properties that a men's shed can be built at Pottsville, the koalas cannot shift their food trees- they need more food and shade trees and more protection from the local council.

allan b., NSW

just a matter of time before koala beach is renamed "beach"

Carolyn L., NSW

To Cr Longland and all Tweed Councillors, please support the rights of these animals to live in a safe,natural and healthy environment. The past 20 plus years have seen many council led investigations into the needs of the ever dwindling numbers of Tweed coast Koalas. Now is the time to implement all recommendations from those reports. Please support these animals

Geoff B., NSW

Advise Barry Longland that the community who consider the environment important, will work against his re-election due to his lack of support.

Shauna K., QLD

Solutions that include all aspects of our environment and all sentient beings in it, will bring benefit to the individuals as it does the whole.

Gayle G., QLD

Please do not disturb the koalas, there are so few of them left in that area

Kerstin S., NSW

I come from Europe and I am appalled that Australia has to put petitions in for the survival of one of their National icons!!!

Brett J., NSW

What would your children's children want you to do??

Rob S., SA

We the people should be protecting them, not endangering them. Come on people with the power please get it right. We are only killing the economy system of the world if we don't protect those who are endangered.

Greg D., VIC

Koalas are one of Australia's most treasured assets. How could anyone .... build a shed where Koalas have called there home?

Rhonda C., NSW

I urge you to ensure that the Koala habitat is protected otherwise we could lose our Koala population in this very special area of the Tweed Coast. They are extremely unique and occasionally you will see them in the wild - unfortunately not often enough. If we could protect them like they do in the Gunnedah region, we would possibly have a greater population. It is time council got onside with the community. Thank you.

Hanna S., Boniecki, NSW

i hope that we can have these iconic marsupials in our area for always and add them to our 'Green Coast's' many attractions

Jenni H., NSW

I find it quite galling to see the koala sculptures popping up all over the place when we can't even see the dire situation that the real species are in! This animal is precious and part of our national identity, so it will be extremely sad and a catastrophy if we do not do everything possible to keep them alive, thriving and part of our wonderful, inherited and unique flora and fauna.

ken i., NSW

Not much to ask. You blokes have taken most of the coastline, and your descendants just might thank you if you do the right thing for once.


Cr Barry LONGLAND please protect this beautiful Australian icon. OUR grandchildren need to be able to see these beautiful animals in their own habitat alive and well, so we need you to do your part and make sure that this happens. Save Black Rocks Koalas.

Faye H., NSW

Disturbance also impacts on the coastal raptors for whom the bush around the Black Rocks sportsfield provides breeding habitat White-bellied Sea Eagles have already abandoned their long-standing nest. Ospreys remain on site but their successful breeding is declining. As co-ordinator of Tweed Osprey Group, which has monitored Osprey breeding in the Tweed for over 20 years, I ask you to respect the concerns raised in this petition and respond accordingly as these measures will also protect the last natural Osprey breeding site on the Tweed Coast

chris c., NSW

Koalas have huge stresses on their population due to human caused destruction of their environment,their cars and pets.- Be humane; it would be a change for a politician

Lesley C., NSW

It is vitally important that the habitat of these koalas be preserved, as they are fastly becoming the most threatened of our iconic Australian species Everywhere they are being wiped out at an alarming rate for housing development and where they can be saved, every effort must be made to do so. Please Cr. Longland, save these koalas and earn the respect of many Australians.

Marion R., NSW

This atrocious situation has been going on for far too long - and meanwhile koalas are getting sicker and dying. This is far from the stated aim of council to "protect" this valuable and iconic species in the Tweed

Jeff C., NSW

Black Rock oval is very rarely used by humans. It is at the edge of the Shire boundary. It is a waste of resources to keep mowing it. A win win situation is to replant koala habitat, no maintenance costs more koalas

Pauline B., NSW

We need to allow our iconic ambassadors to have a safe haven. This is not too much to ask.

Reinhard F., NSW

It's sad that a councillor has to be reminded via petition of his moral obligations to protect the environment, the very platform on which he has been elected in the first place.

Jack A., NSW

Mr Longland, Will your name forever be remembered for the eradication of koalas in Tweed Shire?

Jan L., NSW

Please bend over backwards to save almost extinct koalas. Don't let this Council be known as the one that extinguished koalas at Pottsville. Stand and lead, please

Karen C., NSW

Cr Longland, how do you want to be remembered? As someone who contributed to the extinction of our local Koala's or someone who saved them?

Greg M., NSW

Barry, it's time to stand up for the principles you were elected for. Your actions this term have surprised a lot of voters and local council elections are not far away...

kahlee e., NSW

This shouldn't even need a petition. Koalas have a right to their natural environment. end of story.

Catherine H., VIC

These koalas are endangered, they are more important than a building for people to use. It's just another case of people being selfish.

Geraldine L., NSW

Koalas are our heritage not sheds nor festivals.. Believe it or not they will die out and never be seen again, not like buildings and stupid outrageous deafening festivals....

Robyn B., NSW

How lucky is this area to have koalas snd so visible. These wonderful sleepy animals are one of the features that makes Australis & your atea unique. Please do EVERYTHING in your power to keep these little gems safe & healthy. No Mens Shed here no matter how good they are

Virginia B., NSW

Haven't we taken enough? Will humans ever get to the stage we can truly see other species' as being as important as we are?

Sally G., QLD

If we don't save the koalas now there will be none in the wild and you will only see them in zoos or on postage stamps

Syd S., NSW

All Australian native beings need our protection now before it is too late and all we have is regrets - we do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors - we borrow it from our children - and it is time we start to think like this

Dale C., NSW

There comes a point where animals are more important than development. We can re-develop, but we can't bring back extinct species.

Marianne McM., NSW

ALL our koalas need protection. What is more important, LIFE or some hoons tooling about in their area! Longland, your local community voted for you on your promises of protecting the koalas, do you job .....

Eternal G., QLD

We need to protect the natural world from human encroachment, not the other way around! Critically so.

Elspeth F., VIC

Koalas are endangered and they are such iconic species. Everyone overseas thinks they are great. We all have a responsibility to look after them. Men's sheds are important too. Please consider some kind of win win arrangement

Doug D., QLD

These uniquely Australian and much loved creatures are only found in certain areas because of their dietary needs and Australia has one of the highest land clearing rates in the world . 80% of Koala habitat has already disappeared ( AKF ).

David C., Qld

Please protect these endangered koalas which represent a beneficial image to this nation - and also demonstrate some compassion to animals, which is in low abundance these times. Life is more than about the economy!!!!

Celia M., NSW

It is our responsibility to care for our environment and koalas, unlike people cannot so easily adapt or understand changes in their environment. Please do what you can to save them by protecting their environment, and ensuring that human noise and presence do not contribute to or cause further deaths.

Jeff N., VIC

Another politician breaking a promise, that's nothing new. But you could be different and stand out from the crowd and perhaps keep a promise, especially when it comes to saving a part of Australia's unique wildlife.

Name not displayed, WA

Need to maintain the peace and quiet for the few remaining koalas to lessen stress caused by human beings activity. Building a men's shed there is hardly conducive to that objective. Lots of space elsewhere to build a Men's Shed. History has shown that metal grids are not necessarily successful in keeping creatures in or out of a property as they figure out how to get across them. I have seen pigs and sheep get across them so they are not always successful.

Terri R., QLD

All Koalas, indeed all Australian wildlife needs protecting. Very urgently indeed. The Australian Wildlife Hospital, in conjunction with the Uni. of Queensland is trialing a vaccine for chlamdyia in Koalas and all efforts to protect and sustain all koala populations until these trials are successful MUST BE DONE.

Keelah L., NSW

There were koalas at palm beach and Sydney's northern beaches when I was a kid. Now no more. Koala habitat is too precious to risk. Do not disturb any remaining koala habitat or we'll be guilty of their extinction.

Felicity R., VIC

Proecting dropping numbers of koalas and protecting their habitat is far more important than building another edifice - no matter who it is for.

Roslyn B., QLD

Seriously you cannot think this doesn't matter. If your frame of reference is "Humans are voters and koalas are not" this is irresponsible. We are unable to reclaim this aspect of our world once it is lost and the devastation to koala habitats in so many of our high activity human communities cannot be accepted as just collateral damage in keeping favour with a sector of the electorate who are short sighted in securing their goals as if natural landscape is barbaric, to be "civilised" by human edifices.

Candle F., NSW

Koalas need our protection. Please remember Councillor Longland, that the koalas were here first, and we are the ones invading their habitat. So you must do everything in your power to keep them safe, and ensure their numbers do not dwindle thanks to increased foot traffic and stress.

Abby G., NSW

Our Koalas are so special to this country we cant keep doing these things and wiping them out. We also cant keep employing people who just don't give a damn about these creatures or preserving their homes

Cindy B., NSW

When will we wake up and realise that there is a thing called balance, wiping out populations of animals messes with the eco system, it is a very fragile chain and eventually we will be the ones endangered!

Marilynne Cahn, QLD

If koalas are disappearing, then all wildlife is being affected. We share the planet with them - its not ours

Chevalier G., Belgium

The local community has voted Councillor Barry Longland and the Council to ensure the wellness of all (people and animals) and the good management of the environment.... I suppose that there are other places where it is possible of to do sports or other human activities.... Why not reserve exclusively, to the koalas of Black Rocks, the territory where they live and to ensure their peace (they are important heritage of the area)..-> Surely, a decision full of wisdom....

Peter T., NSW

Councillor Longland should get his priorities right - the koalas are totally depending on Tweed Shire Council to protect them

John C., WA

These koalas need all the protection they can get and Barry Longland's proposals go completely in the opposite direction. This must stop.

Lorraine R., SA

We must leave enough room for other creatures to live in comfort as we ourselves expect to. Humanity must not be a selfish greedy carpet seething over all areas. We must realize we are a part of the scheme of life. We are not the only life form existing and we cannot survive as a species without all the other forms. These koalas must be saved from our stupidity and greed. Protect these koalas now.

Therese K., NSW

Black Rocks koalas ware living there before a human decided to build a Men's Shed next to their habitat. I am sure, there is another place where a Men's Shed could be build. This planet is made for human and nature and I believe the nature would be just fine without the human but I can't imagine how the human would fare without the nature.

Jenny H., WA

Although I do not live anywhere near Tweed Heads, in fact have never lived where there are native koalas, I find it unbelievable that when these animal which are a national icon and one of the most recognizably Australian creatures to overseas tourists, are already endangered, any protection afforded them would be removed

Sandra G., QLD

Koalas are under huge stress on the Gold Coast due to the bad decisions of local councillors - these decisions have long term consequences for the animals but the politicians are only after short term popularity. Now the Tweed Councillors won't protect them either - where will koalas go to find a safe haven? Tourists visit to see these animals. Development pressures on their habitat are increasing by the day. Protect them where they live - humans can move and adapt, koalas need to be protected and left in peace in the places they already inhabit.

Suzanne W., Chirnside Park, Australia

They are a treasured Australian icon beloved across the world. We need to value them and protect them

Tanya U.,  Perth, Australia

Koalas need and deserve our help and protection. Human beings are selfishly destroying their habitats and exposing them to danger, danger from roads, dogs the list goes on. How selfish and uncaring to put these innocent, vulnerable koalas at additional risk, harm and distress just so you can remove a protection gate and have a "men's shed"! Human beings already have plenty of facilities, sporting grounds and other places for entertainment and about supporting koalas and stop thinking only about yourselves. This is really sad and shameful.

Anne Z.,  Perth, Australia

Koalas are a protected species for good reason - their habitat has been decimated over decades. The councillor should make the preservation of koalas and restoration of their habitat a priority over a Men's shed, or any other development. It is not right to continue to put our precious natural fauna at further risk than they already are. The best way to preserve our wildlife is to preserve and restore their habitat.

Maria G.,  Sydney, Australia

The wildlife in Australia has been destroyed in a fast rate than ever before to let developers and the mining industry use the land. This is very wrong and Koalas should not pay the price for the human's greed.

Susan W.,  South Launceston, Australia

The Koala is a national icon and I do not want it going down the same path as the Tasmanian tiger or our embattled tassie devil and the countless other animals world wide that are now extinct - when will we learn. What makes me even madder is that if we can take measures to prevent this issue then why the hell aren't we and if someone is elected on the back of unkept promises then that says a whoke lot about them man at the heart of this problem. So step up, assist in the survival of these beautiful iconic animals - it's the right thing to do.

Juliet S.,  Atwell, Australia

Animals can only thrive in particular environments whereas we can go anywhere. Leave them be in their protected space.

Sarah E., Murwillumbah, Australia

Our koala population in the Tweed is very rare, with all the walking and exploring I do, I have yet to see a koala. A day's drive away in Port Maquarie I have seen a wild koala every time I have visited....... Our koalas need as much protection as possible!

Gerard B.,  Pottsville, Australia

I fail to comprehend the attitude of our elected councilors to this critically endangered and iconic marsupial. When the last Koala disappears from our coastal region will our councillors explain their decision to our children and to their children as to why they failed to protect this innocent animal....

Erica S.,  Birkdale, Australia

High time we start looking after a vanishing species that lures visitors from all over the world to see them, Koalas are worth more alive to the ever important economy then extinct


.....  ALL animals/mammals/fish etc etc need nurturing, protection, respect from humans - particularly as we are the aggressors, have ruined their habitat and are shamefully cruel/barbaric

Dianne S.,  Sylvania, Australia

There are other locations for a sports field. The evidence of stress related illness in the Koalas must be addressed. Give them back their habitat and make a sports field somewhere else away from these beautiful koalas.

Paul S., Albury, Australia

Surely there is a vacant factory that could be used for a Men's Shed? Why impact on a threatened species? You are very lucky to have koalas!

Dereka O.,  Tugun, Australia

Koalas everywhere are being besieged by human activities. They are losing their habitat through development, and koalas do not relocate as they are territorial. Noise is never factored into actions by humans. We need our sleep, and so do koalas. I suggest moving the men's shed. What's it doing on an sports field anyway



Sandra H., Rosebank, Australia

There are laws in place to protect our native wildlife and especially those most threatened so why do we, on behalf of the koala, still have to compete with unsympathetic and environmentally unsound developments? Please explain Cr. Longland?

Denise B., Melbourne, Australia

For crying out loud, this land and its trees are the home of generations of this gentle marsupial. The Koala is now endangerd by the encroachment of thoughtless human actitvity. The answer is glaringly obvious; leave them alone and move the man shed..... And what qualifications does he bring to the management of any Koala habitat ?

Leslie B.,  Bundeena, Australia

No way! Men don't need a 'shed' in koalas' space....