Rubbish has been dumped in the koala breeding area which has damaged vegetation and destroyed a primary koala food tree sapling.

Since vehicular access has been re-introduced to the Black Rocks sports field, incidences of rubbish dumping have increased.  This activity is counter-productive to the aims and objectives of the Pottsville Wetland Restoration Plan i.e.:

‘To restore the integrity of the pre-existing vegetation of Pottsville Wetlands and the sustaining habitat that is provided for flora and fauna including threatened species and Endangered Ecological Communities.’ [1.1 page 5]

It also has the potential to disturb resident threatened species, and to damage sustaining habitat (see second photo below)

It is a very serious concern to have flammable commodities in a wildlife corridor where threatened species live. If there were a fire, these kind of materials would make an already dangerous situation explosive. (See Fire ).


Weed invasion in wildlife habitat (i.e. not on the sports field) is caused by activities such as dog entry and human entry such as for the purpose of retrieving model aeroplanes, dumping rubbish and riding trail bikes etc. Shoes walk in seeds of invasive, non-native  flora species. Degradation of this important environment affects native species using that habitat. Too many vines could kill primary koala food trees. If the sports field were to be closed off to human entry and rehabilitated and the entire area enclaved, this would give the area the best protection possible.

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