Model glider aeroplanes flying over and close to koala habitat and osprey nest.  Crashing of model aeroplanes in koala habitat, and the retrieval of planes causing habitat damage  (see )

An extremely noisy petrol-powered model aeroplane flew over the sports field and over and close to koala habitat and the osprey nest, with the plane operator refuelling the plane at the western end of the access road (inside the sports field entrance).  Before departing the sports field in his vehicle, the plane operator revved the plane's engine for approximately 10 mins to purge the fuel tank, holding his fingers in his ears to block out the noise.  The purging took place adjacent to primary koala habitat and where a koala suffering from the stress-related disease Chlamydia was sighted on 6 January 2015, and near where another sick koala was captured on 27 January 2014 and euthanased due to this disease.  It was also adjacent to where another koala was sighted on 13 July 2015.  An osprey was perched low in a branch below the nest during this event.

Paramotoring (parachute + propeller + motor) launching and landing (very loud) on sports field and flying over and in close proximity to primary koala habitat and osprey nest

Hooning - Deep ruts in ground beside access road (adjacent to the koala breeding hub) (circle burnouts on sports field)

Mini-bike - on access road to sports field, adjacent to koala habitat

Council mowing/slashing - adjacent to koala habitat where koalas have been sighted


Give me a Home among the gum trees and other protests.


Eating gum leaves - See this cute Black Rocks koala eating gum leaves in tree.

Lucia's Release - Watch adorable little Lucia being released to her home range after capture and treatment. You will fall in love with her!  or

Lucia Eats eucalypt leaves - Shortly after being healed of chlamydia and released back to her home at Black Rocks she finds some yummy leaves!

Lucia Scratches her back - This video shows Lucia after being healed and released back to her home territory and having a good scratch. Her only hope is if the sports field is revegetated and all human noise and stress ceases otherwise her future is bleak.


Pottsville Talk 7 March 2015 - Part 1 and 2